the light of a day

 there's a light in vein - reworked,
 a 3-track lp that features a justin k broadrick remix, and a machinefabriek/rutger zuydervelt rework of the original track from the Dirk Serries microphonics xxi-xxv album from 2013.
 the use of ashes take up the whole of the second side with a  20 plus minute rework in three parts: a day (there’s a light in vein) (pt1. main vain / pt2. green worms / pt3. the light in my hand). the album is released as a limited edition of 300 copies on 180 grams black vinyl (with download code)
 thanks Dirk

green worms :

Record Store Day 2014

a  remix, a  reload, welcome Simon, of the previously cd only 2004 release ice67 for an exclusive vinyl edition. the album is out as a limited edition of 300 copies on 180 grams white vinyl (with download code) in a beautifull metallic print numbered gatefold picture sleeve 
we are happy psychonauts
rain bird  :

White Nights cd box

New by tonefloat records : cd box compiling  the "white nights trilogy" in their original japanese mini album sleeves with handmade booklet in wooden cover. tonefloat store

                                                                   99 feathhers


Each and every copy of the limited edition box that holds the complete White Nights oeuvre on disc and vinyl, complete with a bonus CD and LP contained a unique photograph. A selection of all 99 photos can be viewed here.


The White Nights trilogy sees The Use Of Ashes return to their roots as a psychedelic folk ensemble, while daringly continuing their forays into the realms of sound art and remixes. It is an eccentric and gloomy body of work, combining tender melodic pieces in a 60s psychedelic-pop-style with ghostly drones as well as surreal collages and placing a growing importance on the band’s talents as intuitive songsmiths.

Following up on 2008’s The Hand Of Tzafkiël and Glowing Lights (2009), which both had a distinct inner world approach, Flake Of Eternity is most of all a reflection on the first two entries of the trilogy and the events spawned by them, which eventually culminated in a return to the concert stage for the formation after a ten year hiatus. Taking the approach of their live shows as a point of departure, The Use Of Ashes entered the St. Temple studios with an outer world state of mind and saw the story through to its blissful conclusion.

Flake Of Eternity is available as a limited edition of 500 copies on 180 grams vinyl in picture sleeve, and a regular edition on CD in japanese style mini album cardboard sleeve. To celebrate the completion of the trilogy, there will be a deluxe edition of 100 copies in a box with the vinyl and cd version of white nights: Flake Of Eternity, a cd copy of the radio play Das Licht In Der Ferne, a 180 grams black vinyl live LP Lux In Wonderland, room for the other CDs and LPs in the white nights series, plus inserts. this handmade set available from october 9 as well.

The release date for the CD and LP is October 9, and it's available for pre-order now from our store.

The Use Of Ashes embark on a short album release tour with Polar Twins with dates in Amsterdam (Paradiso), Rotterdam (De Unie) and Nijmegen (Merleyn). Check the gigs section for details.